Conceived and produced to the highest quality standards, products
with the IMPERIVM signature are a paradigm for the best of
the Portuguese-speaking cultural panorama.

Positioned in the luxury segment, we exclusively identify and market
the most authentic products from the Portuguese-speaking world.
We are dedicated to food products. Whenever necessary, we promote
the creation of a brand that attests to the excellence of a product. Of
a packaging that elevates its standing to a piece of art de la table.

In collaboration with the best producers, we participate in the
development of the brand concept and handle the marketing of the products.
Meticulously chosen for their authenticity, their links to the territory
they represent, and for the story they tell.

We play a leading role in providing supreme quality. In special,
exclusive and limited editions, certified by us. And we ensure this authenticity when we proudly confirm: "an IMPERIVM territory".



We think of brands as one of our own and work with them as such.
We do not sell commodities, we share stories. We dream the same
dream with the boldness of those who build futures. Knowing that
this dream is dreamt in the same language only deepens the emotional appeal.

We realise that every brand is unique. We propose and implement
tailor-made solutions for each brand. We adapt our skills to
the requirements of each case. We work as part of a network and
identify partners who are suitable for every circumstance. We
devote particular attention to image and communication. Our
organisation incorporates tax, customs and practical administrative experience.
We have a sophisticated logistical platform (Lisbon is our hub) and commercial
capacity (acting directly and/or by building partnerships that we manage).

We add value to the brands that we manage, represent and distribute.