Born from a dream, IMPERIVM is now a firm business anchored by the determination of a professional and skilled management team.
Positioned in the luxury segment, we are compelled to identify the best products from the territories making up the Portuguese-speaking cultural panorama. From Amazonia to the Douro. From the Algarve to Bahia. From the Atlantic Forest of Brazil to the Atlantic Ocean of Portugal.

Based in Lisbon and Rio de Janeiro, we have a presence in Brussels, Dubai, London, Luanda, New York, Porto, São Paulo, and Tokyo. We work in a network and we carefully select stakeholders - from suppliers to customers - that are suitable for each situation. We have a strategic long-term partnership with GIG. Our communications and creativity are supported by Ogilvy. We are assessed and audited by Deloitte. Our resources and know-how allow a successful internationalisation of the brands with which we wish to collaborate. 

We are associated with some of the most prestigious Brazilian and Portuguese brands. From design to cosmetics. From fashion to haute cuisine.
IMPERIVM is the transnational partner whose mission is to add value and positioning to the brands it manages, distributes, represents, or participates in.


We are IMPERIVM because we want to evoke and pay tribute to the Empire. Not all empires nor any other empire.
To the Empire born from the deeds of John VI, a prince between two continents.
To the Empire that began in Portugal and came of age in Brazil.
To the Empire that astonished Europe by transforming a colony into a united kingdom.
To the Empire that moved its European capital to a tropical city whose name evokes a visionary king: São Sebastião do Rio de Janeiro.
To the Empire that switched hemispheres to create a new Atlantic focal point.
To the Empire that endures in the spirit of people and places. And in the memory of those who dream in Portuguese.

Fernando Pessoa wrote about three imperialisms: rule, expansion, and culture. We are not interested in the first two. We want to be a cultural empire, an empire of the spirit. An Empire that allows us to tighten the bonds of this spiritual web that envelops us.
We know that business is synonymous with culture and we will always look to create culture through business. It is our vocation and our strategy.


We are IMPERIVM to continue the Empire. To promote and be at the forefront of a new discovery of Brazil.

We select and work with superior quality. Our work is structured along two complementary lines:
Products with the IMPERIVM signature. Selected according to the highest quality standards, products with strong links to the territory that are so authentic they often lack a brand that is well-known abroad. We only give our name to products of supreme quality. And we attest that they are all from: "an IMPERIVM territory".
The brands we manage, distribute, and represent. We market brands that have history and soul. We think of brands as one of our own and work with them as such. We realise that every brand is unique. We do not sell merchandise. We share stories. We dream the same dream with the boldness of those who build futures.

Continuing the work of King John VI, who opened up Brazil to international trade, IMPERIVM is providing new ports all over the world with the finest brands from Brazil, Angola, Portugal, Guinea, Goa, Cape Verde, East Timor, São Tomé, Macau and Mozambique.
We are continuing and extending the Indies Trade Route. Between the past that inspires us and the future we aim to build.

Luxury in Portuguese is our territory.

Rui Gomes Araújo
Rui Gomes Araújo

Founder and CEO